Video: Pets Interrupting Yoga

This video of pets interrupting yoga should make you smile:

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How to Find the Time to Meditate

Life. Is. Busy. And it always will be, for the most part.

If you’re someone who would like to start meditating and you’ve been waiting for the perfect time, there isn’t one. There’s only one way that you will begin meditating – and that is to make […]

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Is it effective to only do yoga for a few minutes?

Many people say that if you cannot devote a full 60 or 90 minutes to your yoga practice, then why bother? Traditionally, yoga was practiced for a full 90 minutes or longer. Classes at most studios today are 60, 75 or 90 minutes. But what if you don’t have that much time to do yoga? […]

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Vote for Innergy Corporate Yoga!


We have been nominated for this year’s Small Business BC awards in both the Best Company and People’s Choice categories.

Please take 1 minute to help us win by voting for us at:

Best Company Award

People’s […]

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Leg Energizer Video

Leg Energizers
Try this 2-3 minute series of easy leg energizing stretches to break up your work day.


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Triceps Stretch to increase energy

Triceps Stretch


This yoga pose is short and sweet and will stretch your triceps muscle (back of the arm), as well as shoulders, neck and upper back.

Great for reducing tension and boosting energy!

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How to Move into the Energy of Love


As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, I wanted to write today about the power of love. Now I’m not just talking about love between two partners, but the energy of love in general. If lately you find yourself not getting what you want and your life isn’t going exactly as planned, you’ll want to keep reading.


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5 Easy Ways to Keep Yoga in Your Life this Summer

Ah summer – it’s finally here! And with summer comes vacations, time with family and friends and often a very busy schedule, especially if you work. Many people find they “fall off the wagon” during the summer when it comes to their yoga practice, so how can you incorporate yoga in your life without giving up your whole summer or making it just “one more  thing to fit in”?

Here are 5 ways that we recommend:


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Morning Yoga

When you’re short on time for yoga and know your whole day is going to be nuts, but you can spare 20-30 minutes in the morning, try this routine (or part of it), which I did at 5:45 am this morning…


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Keep your summer practice going

As summer comes to an end (well, not technically, but the kids head back to school, the weather changes, etc.), this is often the time where people realize they’ve neglected their yoga program and they vow to get back on track again.

As crazy busy as summer may be, do your best to keep your yoga program going throughout the summer. If your summer is as busy as mine is, you may not always get to do a full class, but something is better than nothing. A short 10-20 minute yoga program can be refreshing and soothing to both your tired mind and stiff body.

Here is a short sequence that you can practice either in your private office, an unused room at work OR at home. No time to do yoga? Get up in the morning 20 minutes earlier than you normally do. You won’t even notice the change, your practice is done before you start your busy day AND you’ll feel calmer and more centered.


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Inhale Worry, Exhale Let Go

Today I spoke with someone close to me facing a bit of a dilemma in her life. It doesn’t really matter what the dilemma is, but it was tearing her apart. There were several different levels to this dilemma and she really felt like she was at a crossroads in her life, or would be soon. Some of the concerns she expressed to me were immediate, others wouldn’t be happening until months into the future, IF they happened at all.

She had rationally laid out all possible scenarios, all possible choices for each scenario, and how each might play out. She asked me for advice on what she should do. After listening to her whole story, I did have some advice: Get out of your head, into your heart, take a deep breath and let go.

Let go? What does that even mean?


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Clean and Healthy

Cold and flu season seems to be the endless season this year. […]

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Why Vegetarianism?

Traditionally, yoga practitioners would adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. The reasons for this are multi-fold. […]

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What to wear to yoga class?

Often is a question from new practitioners of yoga… “what do I wear?” The answer is quite simple but here are a few tips to remember: […]

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Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

It’s a pose we may all be familiar with. But did you know that Tadasana is an extremely complex and challenging posture to practice? The posture will look slightly different on each practitioner; as we are all slightly different in body shape and balance. […]

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