Turkey turkey turkey

I love the fall, when the cozy sweaters and scarves get unpacked, the leaves crunch underfoot, and the slightest of chills touches the tip of your nose. But more than anything, I love the fall because it signifies the return of turkey season. […]

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Have you planked lately?

No longer content to just put a garden gnome in their photos and call it original, snap happy people around the world have started a new fad called planking, and it really is taking the world by storm. […]

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Do It Yourself Yoga Props

Props can be an invaluable part of any yoga practice – from the beginner to the advanced practitioner. They can help make challenging poses more accessible, modify certain poses to support injuries, improve balance, flexibility, and range of motion. Using props can help your practice progress, as they allow you to stay longer in some poses, encouraging a deeper opening; they can help improve the quality of your practice in easing you into proper alignment and keeping you there. However, due to the nature of our mobile, come-to-you approach to yoga, we are not able to provide props to our corporate yoga clients. There are a number of ways you can make your own yoga props out of things you already have in your office or at home to support your yoga practice. Try these tips: […]

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Hooray for Labour Day!

Our last (gasp!) long weekend of the summer is fast approaching and many people are getting ready to send summer out in style. For our corporate clients, Labour Day is especially pertinent as it was initiated as an opportunity for workers to campaign for better working conditions and pay. Employee rights have come a long […]

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A Little Shut Eye…

….Can be pretty hard to come by. Especially in this expansive season, when the sun calls us out to play and keeps us both moving and awake. Getting to bed on time, and then getting to sleep in bed, are not as easy when the days […]

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Easy on the eyes

Its easy to see and feel the benefits of yoga on the body, strengthening and lengthening muscles, and making everything generally work better. We have some often overlooked and regularly overused muscles that tend to get left out of our yoga practice: the eyes. This becomes particularly important […]

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A whole new take on corporate yoga

To keep things light as it *finally* heats up this summer, we suggest taking a peek at this website’s version of workplace yoga. You may not have experienced any of these poses in your regular corporate yoga classes, but we have always aknowledged that yoga has evolved over the years […]

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Innergize your workday

If you find it hard to make it through your work day with enough energy, there might be a few simple adjustments you can make to bring more wellness to the workplace. To ensure a good balance between work and life, try these small tips:

Get Physical – Exercise not only helps you build muscle, lose […]

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Yoga for weight loss?

No matter how many times people ask me if they can lose weight doing yoga, the answer never gets easier. Yes it is a form of physical activity, but certainly not the vigorous cardiovascular training that we would associate with weight loss. Most of the poses are gentle openings that simply ask your body to […]

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Pre-Bed Yoga

As soon as summer hits the city everyone and everything gets frenetic. Its all about do do do, and being social and outside as much as possible. After all, we have so much to cram into the fleeting sunlight that we have. Being around so much energy, though, […]

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Easy supper (and lunch) fare

I really don’t mind eating the same thing two days in a row. Maybe thats because most of what I eat is so delicious I can’t wait to have it again, or maybe its just that convenient. I have recently found a new favorite to add to my repetoire because this fritata […]

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Yoga tunes – Rasa

This duo from Northern California has been making music to get blissed to for over a decade. Primarily based in traditional Indian devotional songs, they layer their own unique blend of beats to give a contemporary flair. The resulting sound is both ethereal and grounded, expansive and meditative, presented in a manner easily accessible by […]

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The beauty of the backbend

The spine is often referred to in yoga as “the tree of life”, so naturally it is important to keep it supple and happy. It provides the main structural support for our entire body, houses a main component of our nervous system (the spinal cord), and energetically, contains the major centers of non-sensory input from […]

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Stanley Cup Yoga

Vancouver is mayhem – apparently there is some sporting event going on?!?!? Hockey fan or not, you are sure to be on the edge of your seat tonight as history is made. The sense of community and the amazing team spirit the Canucks have generated […]

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Easy Lunches

Its quite easy to fall into a lunch rut – we get used to bringing the same thing every day because its fast, easy, and requires no thinking. While convenient, the same lunch day after day is hardly something to get excited about. You could spend hours scouring the internet for fresh ideas, or you […]

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