Take 5 to Innergize

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Alternate Nostril Breathing


Improves energy, calms nervous system, promotes better circulation, boosts mood, balances energy channels in the body and can help ward off illness and disease.


  • Step 1: Place your right hand in a “Spock” position – thumb out, pointer and middle fingers together and ring and pinky fingers together.

  • Step 2: Gently place your thumb on your right nostril, closing it off. The pointer and middle fingers rest lightly at your third eye.

  • Step 3: Take a breath in through the left nostril – pause at full breath.

  • Step 4: Place your pinky and ring fingers on your left nostril – releasing your thumb, then breathe out through your right nostril – pause at empty breath.

  • Step 5: Breathe in through your right nostril – pause at full breath.

  • Step 6: Place your thumb back on your right nostril – releasing your pinky and ring finger, then breathe out of your left nostril.

  • Step 7: Continue breathing slowly and smoothly through each nostril alternately.

  • Note: Different teachings will give differing times for each breath and for how long to pause and breathe. However, the ultimate goal of this pranayama (breathing technique) is to slow and focus the mind with breath. So find a pace that works best for you. Avoid holding your breath if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure – just flow with the breath instead.