No Time to be Well at Work? You’ll love these 5 tips!

What stops you from being healthy?no_time

Well in our experience one of the biggest factors why people don’t commit daily to things that improve their health or well-being is TIME.

Time is a funny thing isn’t it?

We often hear people say things like “If I just had more time…” or “There needs to be more hours in a day”.

Well the truth is, there isn’t! […]

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Don’t Force your Employees to do Yoga

The title gives it away: If you have a workplace yoga program, it should be voluntary and not mandatory. Often Phase Technology1businesses across Canada will start a Corporate Yoga program with us because they want to provide a low-cost, simple and effective wellness program for […]

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Boost Energy and Improve Mood in less than two minutes


This video will show you how to quickly and effectively boost energy and improve mood during your workday by doing the Breath of Joy. Perfect for a midday slump.

Try it with me now!

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Share your Workplace Wellness Story!

Are you one of our corporate yoga clients?  Are you doing something else to create a healthier workplace?  What is it?

The Canadian Healthy Workplace Month is inviting people from Canadian organizations (anyone who is employed or volunteers at a workplace) to share their workplace wellness story.

Healthy Workplace Month happens once a year and this year […]

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