Yoga is Best for Improving Memory

Want to Keep Your Memory Sharp?


Most of us do.

For years, experts have told us to eat brain food, play crosswords and sudoku and avoid stress. All very good suggestions of course, but a new study funded by the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation is showing that yoga and meditation are more effective at preventing Alzheimers’ disease than anything else.

People who practiced yoga regularly were also less likely to be depressed, anxious AND were better able to cope with stress, according to the study.


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Texting Neck should NOT be a thing

Yes, the world has gone high-tech. And yes, texting neck (AKA “Anterior Head Syndrome”) is a real thing.

Hazard of textingIf we’re not on our computers or laptops, we’re on our ipads, ipods or another device for a good portion of the day. It can be difficult to unplug. And many of us text, because it’s a fast and easy way to get information to someone.

The problem comes when we are using these devices along with poor posture. It can wreak havoc on our bodies, leading to “texting neck”.


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Innergize your workday

If you find it hard to make it through your work day with enough energy, there might be a few simple adjustments you can make to bring more wellness to the workplace. To ensure a good balance between work and life, try these small tips:

Get Physical – Exercise not only helps you build muscle, lose […]

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Successful You!

Well, we made it to the top five finalists for Small Business BC’s Successful You awards – and tonight is the big ceremony to announce the winner. Win or lose, we are ever grateful to all those who have chosen to Innergize their work day, and who […]

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Suffer from Painful Foot Cramps? Check out our 5 Tips to prevent them

Do you suffer from painful foot cramps, like so many people do?

Happy Healthy Feet

The main reason that people get foot cramps is from a shortening and/or tightening of the muscles in the […]

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October newsletter is out!

Our October newsletter is out! Check it out here

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