Yes, we said it. And it’s absolutely true. Better sex is just one of the many benefits you’ll get from a regular yoga yoga_sexpractice. Ok so how exactly does yoga make sex better?

Here are 5 ways:

(1) You will be more flexible – Use your imagination to determine how improved flexibility could help your love life.

(2) Yoga helps lower stress levels – When you’re less stressed, you’re more likely to be in the mood. Hormones that don’t get turned into stress hormones like adrenaline get turned into libido hormones like progesterone, resulting in increased sex drive.

(3) You work your mula bandha – Say what? This is the equivalent of a yogic kegal exercise, whereby you squeeze the muscle between your anal sphincter and the muscle that controls urination. You do this when practicing yoga, primarily in standing poses like Warrior or balancing postures. This strengthened muscle leads to more control during sexual intercourse and a heightened sense of pleasure.

(4) More confidence – Because you’re exercising and taking better care of yourself, you’ll naturally be more confident in your physical appearance and you’ll feel sexier.

(5) You’ll have more energy – See #1 above. Use your imagination.

And just in time for Valentine’s Day too. Happy practicing!