If you’re like many people, you’ve made some great New Year’s Resolutions. Congratulations. If doing more yoga isn’t already on that list, let me tell you why it SHOULD be.5

Besides all the usual benefits that yoga provides, like increased flexibility and lowered stress levels, here are 5 benefits of yoga that you may not be aware of:

(1) Yoga will give you the best, most deepest sleep you could ever imagine. No truly, you’ll wake up wondering what happened and how long you’ve been out.

(2) People who do yoga tend to make healthier food choices. We crave junk food when we are stressed; we eat junk food when the impulse to put it in our mouth overrides the desire to stay on a healthy eating plan.  People who lower their stress levels by doing yoga are naturally drawn to healthier food options more often. Suddenly that chocolate chip cookie doesn’t look as delicious as a kale apple smoothie.

(3) People who regularly do yoga have better SEX. It’s true. Yoga can improve your libido and increase the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself.

(4) Yoga can make you a better parent. More patience, tolerance, a higher ability to be in the present moment, more energy, more understanding…it just does.

(5) Yoga can make everyone around you like you more. Wouldn’t it make sense that if your stress is lowered, your energy is up, you’re healthy and feeling really good, that you are in a better mood at work (and everywhere) and BECAUSE you’re in a better mood, you’re being really nice to all your co-workers, which means everyone thinks you’re great and likes you more? Bottom line is doing yoga can help with all of your relationships. I’ve personally found it makes me more patient, empathetic and a better listener.

So do yoga! If you’d like us to bring Corporate Yoga to your workplace in Canada, give us a shout.