Oakville Corporate Yoga & Private Yoga

Oakville Corporate Yoga

Experience the benefits of yoga right at your organization with Innergy Corporate Yoga Oakville. We offer professional Corporate Yoga sessions to organizations large and small and help individuals and the companies they work for receive the many benefits of yoga.

Corporate Yoga sessions help reduce employee stress levels, increase productivity, make it easier to focus on work and improve satisfaction levels in the workplace. In fact, employees who participate in Corporate Yoga at work not only enjoy their jobs more, but they also have greater respect for senior management.

Offering Corporate Yoga makes your company a more desirable place to work. This allows you to attract new employees and makes it easier to retain the ones you have.

Plus, yoga leads to greater overall health, which means employees take fewer sick days and they are more productive on the job.

If you’re interested in finding out more information on our Corporate Yoga sessions, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Oakville Private Yoga

We also offer Oakville Private Yoga sessions. Innergy makes it possible to avoid the stress, hassle and inconvenience of finding a yoga studio, fighting traffic to get there and taking yoga in a crowded room of strangers. Private Yoga gives you the chance to receive personalized one-on-one attention right in your own home.

Our yoga teachers come right to you and custom design sessions that are geared towards your specific goals, fitness level and experience level. We work with you to ensure that you receive the many benefits of yoga, from the comfort and privacy of your home!

You can always choose the day and time of your session, making it more convenient than ever to experience the benefits of yoga.

Yoga helps improve overall health, increase flexibility and strength, and it leads to greater overall health, wellness and state of mind. If you’d like to receive personalized yoga sessions at home, please contact Innergy today.

About Innergy Corporate Yoga & Private Yoga Oakville

We were founded in 2004 as a mobile yoga studio with a single teacher. Since then, Innergy has grown into a Corporate Yoga, Private Yoga and Pilates company that has worked with thousands of people and companies in Oakville, throughout Ontario and across Canada. We know what it takes to deliver high quality and personalized yoga sessions.

All of our yoga teachers are certified by recognized organizations, all carry liability insurance and all are current in CPR and first aid. These dedicated and experienced teachers work with people and groups of all skill, experience and fitness levels.

Plus, did you know that Innergy Corporate Yoga is the only Corporate Yoga company in Canada to offer a yoga teacher program?

If you would like to speak to us about our Corporate Yoga or Private Yoga offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us today.