Dartmouth Corporate Yoga & Private Yoga

Dartmouth Corporate Yoga

Innergy brings the benefits of yoga right to your organization! With our Dartmouth Corporate Yoga sessions, employees and the organizations they work for can take part in yoga sessions at work, making a company a much more desirable place to work, improving employee productivity and more!

Employees who participate in Corporate Yoga sessions have lower levels of stress, greater happiness and they enjoy their jobs more. Plus, they are more productive, have more respect for senior management and take fewer sick days from work.

When you offer Corporate Yoga, you improve the reputation of your business, which makes it easier to retain your talent and attract new talent to your organization.

Companies large and small, in a wide variety of fields and industries, are experiencing the incredible benefits of Corporate Yoga. If you’d like to do the same at your organization, please contact a member of our team today.

Dartmouth Private Yoga

Private Yoga sessions take place in your own home on your own schedule. Rather than having to fight traffic and take yoga in a crowded studio at a designated time, why not have an experienced yoga teacher from Innergy come right to you when it’s most convenient?

Innergy’s yoga instructors create customized yoga sessions based on your experience level, body type and personal goals. This ensures that you receive maximum benefit from our Private Yoga sessions.

We provide personalized, one-on-one attention that you can’t get in a large class.

There are a number of incredible benefits to yoga classes. Yoga improves your state of mind, reduces stress, and leads to greater flexibility and strength. Plus, it gives you a better outlook on life and allows you to think more clearly and be more creative.

All of our yoga teachers have the experience and skill needed to create custom yoga sessions that are specifically designed for your body type and experience level and always take your personal goals into account. Trust Innergy for Dartmouth Private Yoga.

Dartmouth Corporate Yoga & Private Yoga from Innergy

Innergy Corporate Yoga was founded in 2004 as a mobile yoga studio with just a single teacher. Since then, we have grown into a Corporate Yoga, Private Yoga and Pilates company that has worked with thousands of people and companies across Canada. From Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to almost anywhere in the country, Innergy is helping people experience the benefits of yoga.

At Innergy, all of our teachers are skilled, experienced and dedicated. All carry liability insurance, all are current in first aid and all are certified through recognized organizations. We’re also the only corporate yoga company in Canada that offers a Yoga Teacher Program.

If you have any questions about any of our services, please contact us today.