Brampton Corporate Yoga & Private Yoga

Brampton Corporate Yoga

Innergy Corporate Yoga Brampton delivers Corporate Yoga sessions to a wide variety of different organizations across the country.

There are many key benefits to yoga that will make your business more productive and a better place to work. For example, Corporate Yoga leads to increased productivity, lower stress levels, happier employees and much more. Both employees and employers will love the benefits of Corporate Yoga from Innergy.

Employees who take part in Corporate Yoga sessions have better overall health, meaning they take fewer sick days. They also produce better work, enjoy their jobs more and have greater respect for senior management. This not only means lower health care costs, but also it also results in lower levels of employee turnover.

Offering Corporate Yoga is an excellent way to make your organization a more desirable place to work, helping you attract new talent to the company as well as retain current talent.

Trust us for Corporate Yoga at your organization. Please contact us today for more information.

Brampton Private Yoga

In addition to Corporate Yoga, we also offer Private Yoga classes. This makes it easier than ever to take a yoga class. Rather than having to find a yoga studio and teacher, fight traffic to get there and then deal with the potential stress and awkwardness of a large public yoga class, you can receive professional yoga instruction right in your own home. We gear our sessions to your individual goals as well as your health and fitness level. This type of personal attention is simply not possible in a large class.

There are a number of benefits to yoga. It reduces stress, improves strength, leads to greater flexibility and overall health, and much more.

When you take part in our Brampton private yoga sessions, you are able to experience these benefits from the comfort of your own home. Contact us today for more details.

About our Brampton Corporate Yoga & Private Yoga Company

In 2004, Innergy Corporate Yoga began as a mobile yoga studio with a single teacher. Over the years, we have grown into a successful Corporate Yoga, Private Yoga and Pilates company that serves organizations and individuals in Brampton and across the country. We’re also the only Corporate Yoga company in Canada that offers a yoga teacher program.

All of our yoga teachers understand the importance of delivering professional and personal yoga sessions. Each one is certified by a recognized organization, all carry liability insurance and all are current in first aid and CPR.

If you have any questions about our company or our Brampton Corporate Yoga or Private Yoga sessions, please feel free to contact us today.