Bedford Corporate Yoga & Private Yoga

Bedford Corporate Yoga

Organizations large and small can benefit from offering Corporate Yoga. Corporate Yoga sessions make employees more productive, have lower stress, greater improve overall health (thus reducing sick days!) and much more.

Plus, employees who take part in Corporate Yoga sessions enjoy their jobs more, have more respect for senior management and like their jobs better.

As you can see, offering Corporate Yoga at your organization makes your company a more desirable place to work. This makes it easier to attract new employees to your organization and to retain existing talent.

If you’d like to find out more information on Corporate Yoga and the benefits that it can bring to your organization, please contact us today.

Bedford Private Yoga

In addition to Corporate Yoga, we also offer Private Yoga sessions. Private Yoga eliminates the stress and hassle of taking yoga sessions in a crowded studio filled with strangers. Plus, you’ll receive one-on-one attention that simply isn’t possible in a large class.

Personalized Private Yoga sessions from Innergy are created just for you, based on your body type, your goals and your fitness level.

There are a number of benefits to yoga including:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Lower stress
  • A more positive outlook on life
  • Higher productivity
  • More creativity
  • Improved strength
  • And more

Trust Innergy for Bedford Private Yoga. For more information on our Private Yoga sessions or any of our services, please contact us today.

Bedford Corporate Yoga & Private Yoga from Innergy

Innergy began in 2004 as a single mobile yoga studio with just one teacher. Over the years, we’ve worked with thousands of individuals and companies across Canada and grown into a Corporate Yoga, Private Yoga and Pilates company that helps people experience the benefits of yoga. Whether you’re in Bedford, elsewhere in Nova Scotia or almost anywhere across the country, you can trust Innergy Corporate Yoga.

Innergy takes pride in our experienced, skilled and dedicated teachers. We’re the only corporate yoga company in Canada that offers a Yoga Teacher Program and all of our teachers carry liability insurance, all are current in first aid and all are certified through recognized organizations.

If you have any questions about any of our services, please contact us today.