C. Elgin – Vancouver, BC

photo_bio_chriselgin“As someone who has never been flexible, I have known for years that yoga would be a good addition to my fitness regime, but I have never been satisfied with the experience of attending yoga classes, even small ones. Then I had the brilliant idea to hire a personal instructor and I found Innergy Corporate Yoga by searching online. I have been extremely happy with the two instructors that have come to my home to teach me. They have both been very patient and very good teachers. I look forward to my Friday sessions and my technique has improved remarkably over the last year. I am particularly conscious of the improvement in my breathing during my yoga classes. My dog, Cooper, also loves the Friday sessions and he has always waited excitedly at the front door for my Innergy teacher to arrive. I highly recommend Innergy Corporate Yoga for anyone interested in improving their health and state of mind.”

J. Danielson – Vancouver, BC

photo_bio_jdanielson“Having the opportunity to participate in a yoga class during my lunch hour has been very beneficial. Not only is it more convenient to attend class, but I am able to return to my afternoon of work relaxed and rejuvenated. The instructors have always made sure that we are comfortable and proper in our poses and it is this, combined with the easy access and resulting well-being, that makes the Innergy Corporate Yoga classes work so well for me.”

M. Aucoin – Vancouver, BC

photo_bio_maucoin“Having a job that requires perfect posture to prevent injuries as well as having a fast paced lifestyle (being out of town on a regular basis), it was important for me to find a way to improve my posture and at the same time, if I could get some relaxation from it, even better. I thought a few times about yoga, but with my schedule it was hard to commit to a class. Personal yoga classes were the perfect solution. Although I train at the gym regularly, yoga brought a feeling of balance to my exercise routine. My instructor is super nice, easy going and one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She has been great at showing me the ropes and at customizing our sessions to fit my specific needs. At the end of each session, I felt like I worked hard without actually noticing it. I also felt refreshed and ready to face all the upcoming challenges of the week. If I have to skip a week, my body reminds me on the 8th day. My Innergy teacher also taught me techniques to deal with insomnia problems that I use on a regular basis even when I am out of town in a hotel room, to relax and refocus. Having this as a part of my routine has been a truly positive experience.”

J. Morrison – Vancouver, BC

photo_bio_janimorrison“Our teacher is calm, very knowlegeable and able to adapt to our diverse age group of yoga attendees. She gives personal attention to those who need it, without disrupting the class in any way. We also like the fact that the classes are in-house, making it easy to attend and not so easy to back out. We are happy and the yoga is certainly relaxing and destressing us.”

B. Ellis-Perry – Vancouver, BC

photo_barneyellisperry_001“Having at work has been a very powerful contribution to my job satisfaction. It speaks to a commitment by my employer to my personal well being. I believe I am a better employee because of it. It sends a strong message to our team when the “boss” stops what she is doing to make time for yoga!”

M. Little – Burnaby, BC

photo_bio_marylittle“Our teacher is fantastic. The yoga is challenging enough and she offers enough variety to keep us on our toes (no pun intended). Our Innergy teacher is also lovely and we look forward to seeing her every Tuesday. We love doing yoga as a break and refresher from our busy day.”

E. Chu – New Westminster, BC

photo_evachu“I have a daughter and usually can’t find the time to exercise outside of my lunch hours. When my colleague arranged for yoga at work during lunch (and for a very reasonable price), I decided to give it another try, since I had tried yoga in the past, but did not enjoy it. After the first two sessions, I realized that the reason why I did not enjoy it in the past, was because my core strength was weak and my body was tense and not flexible causing me to have a lot of difficulty with the poses and stretches. I have now done yoga once a week at lunch for eight months (and have practiced the poses and stretches at home and on other days) and it has greatly increased my core strength, flexibility, and has even eliminated my sharp hip pain! I hope to continue doing yoga here as long as I can. Thanks for the opportunity!”

L. Melvin – Mississauga, ON

“I wanted to thank you again for coming into our office to do an hour of Yoga with us. I know I feel great today and one of the other ladies in the class told me this morning that after doing the yoga with you, which was her first time, she has already looked into practices in her area and even more importantly didn’t feel like taking a smoke break after!!

Thank you for encouraging yoga practice with our employees.”

S. Rosell – Richmond, BC

“Innergy Corporate Yoga has been coming to my school to provide weekly yoga sessions for teachers and other staff. Many have remarked about how much they look forward to the yoga instruction, and particularly the instructor’s positive and helpful manner in demonstrating the poses and flows. Teaching can be a very stressful occupation, but we feel like a million bucks after our teacher has come by to lead in stretching, breathing and relaxing.”

S. Huffman – New Westminster, BC

“I have been participating in Yoga classes for a few years now. I have noticed an improvement in my flexibility, posture, core strength, and upper body strength. I use my ‘yoga breathe’ when I feel myself getting stressed or anxious and will practice yoga at home – even if it’s for 15 minutes – it always makes me feel better!! Innergy Corporate Yoga provides a great service – they are flexible to your schedule, the instructors are great – they come to your workplace – you leave class feeling relaxed & ready to go back to work and tackle the rest of the day. We have our class mid-week, so it’s a nice break. It’s also nice that we don’t have to commute – it’s in our building. Our instructor is great – she’s always on time & prepared.”

K. Gradnitzer – Vancouver, BC

“The two teachers we had were brilliant. They both seemed so interested in the staff, and the staf enjoyed their style of teaching.”

A. Brown – Vancouver, BC

“Having the break within my work day is something I look forward to, and I feel refreshed for my afternoon. I also feel like my company is recognizing the benefits of a yoga practice, which makes me feel good about where I work.”

C. Pfeifer – Vancouver, BC

“With the instructors coming to the workplace, there are many students that are now hooked on yoga and pilates who never would have tried it otherwise. The instructors are of excellent quality and are punctual and friendly. I feel like we are getting good value for this service and try to recommend your service to others!”

A. Gates – Richmond, BC

“Having yoga available on-site right after work is a great way to unwind at the end of a work day. It helps guarantee that I get a workout in that day since I don’t have any excuse not to go – it’s so convenient. I appreciate that our instructor knows people in our class by name and gives options during the class so that we can challenge ourselves or be more gentle to ourselves, depending on how the day is going.”

A. McCann – New Westminster, BC

“I have scoliosis and struggle with flexibility in my mid to lower back. Yoga helps me strengthen my back and improve my posture which reduces some of the effects of the scoliosis. It is very reasonable in price. The instructor is terrific. I love, love, love getting my exercise and wellness activities done on my lunch.”

C. Wager – New Westminster, BC

“I look forward to the class every week.”

K. Kinakin – Burnaby, BC

“We have an extremely good teacher with a great sense of humour and she works us hard, which we love. She is always on time and is accommodating to our needs. I love the fact that I can exercise during my lunch hour at work – very convenient.”

D. Falkins – Burnaby, BC

“Our teacher is very dedicated, knowledgeable and super friendly. Although our class is mostly advanced, we always have new people starting each session and she takes the time to bring them along, while still keeping the rest of the class motivated. I like the convenience of having the instructor come to us, and with the support of company management, we are able to be flexible in our day to accommodate a full hour class. I know I likely would not be doing anything more than walking the dogs for exercise without these classes.”

V. Enshaw – Vancouver, BC

“Our members love our Innergy teacher. She provides a warm, loving, space for their yoga practice. She is always on time and has the best interests of our members at heart. I like the fact that I don’t have to find a teacher – you do that! And all of our teachers have been very professional and well liked by our members. I have also been very pleased with the quick response from your office when there has been a problem or an issue that needed to be addressed.”

K. Smith – Vancouver, BC

“Our instructor is friendly, easy going and easy to follow. She has provided good instructions to all the various levels attending the class. The opportunity of presenting the yoga class within the office is efficient and our staff are pleased they don’t have to go running around on their lunch hour.”

A. Shellard – West Vancouver, BC

“Since three of us are ‘mature’ students with various levels of physical capabilities, we really appreciate the way our teacher helps us all individually with doing the exercises at our level. Our classes are very relaxed and pleasant and we’ve all felt the benefits. Our teacher is always very accommodating about coming at a time that fits into our crazy schedules.”

D. Chua – Vancouver, BC

“I like coming to yoga because it relaxes me. I like our teacher because i can just ask her questions and she’d be really helpful. If i wanted to work on certain areas of my body she gives good advice and we even do it in class. The benefits for me is that it really relaxes me and strengthens my body. It fits perfectly to my work schedule since we do it lunchtime. Our classes are very convenient since the teacher comes to us.”

H. Campbell – Richmond, BC

“The classes are convenient, affordable, the instructor is excellent, gives great instructions, it is the best way to finish off the day at work, there are health benefits as well – flexibility, relaxation etc.”

K. Eickhoff – Burnaby, BC

“Monika was a great instructor. The yoga was quite athletic, however, relaxing at the same time. I have found that I have less back pain, am stronger and more flexible. The classes were convenient and were affordable when we had more people attending. It was easy to get to the classes after work and I preferred that the classes were after work rather than at lunchtime.”

P. Connolly – New Westminster, BC

“Love our instructor, perfect mix of yoga with a bonus mini workout. Perfect way to de-stress mid day!”

G. Munro – New Westminster, BC

“While visiting a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one of the recommendations to fix a hip issue I was having was to take up yoga which would also help build my core strength for the various sports that I play. Since taking up yoga, I found that I am more flexible, I am less sore after my sports (squash, golf & softball) and the problems with my hip, while still there, is 60% better than it was. I will continue with yoga as part of my regular routine to ensure I maintain a balance. ”

K. Smith – New Westminster, BC

“Lunchtime yoga is a fabulous and convenient way to break-up the work day and relieve tension.”

J. Work – Richmond, BC

“I like that I can fit in a yoga class during my work day – instead of trying to make it to a studio after work. It makes it very convenient. I really enjoy focusing on my breath and taking time for myself during my practice and not thinking about work and emails etc…. It really calms my body and nerves.”

L. Houghton – Richmond, BC

“Classes are convenient and affordable. It fits in well at lunch time that way there is not making up time. Yoga helps me destress and what is good is our class is right in the middle of the week where I need it. The instructor is great as she gives clear instructions so you can get involved in your class and not have to be looking up or at her all the time to see what you should be doing.”

L. Meyers – New Westminster, BC

“The yoga classes I attend are affordable and convenient. In today’s business world, with meetings, conference calls, volume, economic concerns and general stress associated to these, having yoga at least once per week has become a bright light. I have learned techniques that i can incorporate any place any time. We all need a little time just for ourselves and this is one way to reward yourself for a job well done!”

M. Watson – Richmond, BC

“I like the fact that it’s easy to attend because it’s in the same building and I feel so much better after attending the class – I look forward to it. I’ve been practicing Yoga, off and on, since I was in my teens and I’m now 61. I enjoy the flexibility that it gives me as well as how it strengthens my body. Your classes are very convenient as well as affordable and I particularly enjoy our teacher’s style of teaching – she’s very professional and always watches for anyone who may not be holding the pose correctly and will show them how to correct it. She never pushes anyone too far and will tell us we look good when doing the pose correctly.”

E. Buccat – Vancouver, BC

“Since I started working in UBC, I have come to realize that life is not all about work. It is about living life in a balanced way. It is about enjoying work for seven hours and doing a yoga session during lunch break. It is about being efficient and effective at the same time because stress is far from your mind.”

S. Lin – Richmond, BC

“The instructor is good to guide our yoga session. I felt very happy and healthy after each yoga practice. The best thing is that I learned to do yoga in a more natural way and not to push myself and body. The meditation of the yoga practice is very good to mind and spirit. It is a very convenient and affordable class because we do the yoga in house.”

M. Howarth – Richmond, BC

“I have been taking yoga classes on and off since the 1970’s, plus doing it at home. Our current program is excellent! We seem to “flow” from one posture to the next, making it so easy and comfortable. I find the breathing techniques exceptionally good. We come away feeling fit and relaxed and ready for whatever the coming week has to offer. Thank you!”

E. Brodkin – Vancouver, BC

“Innergy Corporate Yoga comes to my home for hour-long private yoga sessions. The instructor is patient and supportive, never intimidating, and she carefully tailors the class to ensure it meets my needs. I emerge from each session feeling relaxed but invigorated with all of the knots and kinks worked out. Progress is rapid with the one on one attention and I can feel the changes after each class.”

F. Margel – Richmond, BC

“I badly needed to find a way to deal with the stress and mental health effects that come along with running a busy law practice on top of running my new investment property business. And that kind of stress builds up in your body, as we all know. Thanks to Innergy Corporate Yoga’s “yoga house calls”, I was able to regenerate and regain mental equilibrium. I’m not much of an athlete, and my body is not flexible whatsoever. My instructor’s wise approach countered my own inclination to push myself just a little too hard, and after each session, I felt content and relaxed.”

T. Gramm – Richmond, BC

“Our teacher excels in teaching students to slow down, breathe and calm their minds. With a well rounded focus on strength, flexibility, endurance and balance, she encouraged me to go at my own pace and was there to offer assistance when most needed with some of the more difficult poses. Above all, she provides a great body, mind and spirit workout with knowledgeable step by step instruction that accentuates this grounding experience.”

S. Tisdale – Vancouver, BC

“Innergy Corporate Yoga allowed us to practice in a non-intimidating environment where we all felt comfortable, and were able to progress at our own speed. The relaxed nature of the space and of my teacher allowed me to really enjoy yoga practice for its tranquil, spiritual, and sometimes hypnotic effect. What a wonderful experience!”

R. Morreau – Vancouver, BC

“I love doing yoga at the hair salon in Vancouver twice a week. You have a great style of instruction, and the venue is fantastic. I like the rustic feel with the curtains, lighting and candles.”